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Loved it!


blood Ink wept

created from yellow 

fortune. Gesturing to nested

keys, no blood

or question mark. 

Women ring and oppose

they echo suns.

I went through this one multiple times in my playthrough here - - had a fun time but it took a LONG time for me to figure out the composition bar at the top. D’oh! My own total failure.

Perhaps the whole point of this entry is the single room, but I felt the mobs in the dream world were very OP: but perhaps that’s how dreams feel sometimes.

Very unique entry, and thanks for submitting it! Hope your team had fun with it!

I really like the look of this.

Such beauty and eloquence crafted from my dreams.

So absurd in language, but a really great time and unique rougelike experience. I really enjoyed it :)

Some of my fire lines:



echo if       kick moon

because yellow key oscillate